NOVOGAMES Uganda Limited is a subsidiary of NOVOMATIC AG Austria, with extensive experience in the international market, and operations in more than 50 countries around the world. Our intention is to establish a slot machine assembly plant in Uganda to provide advanced technology products that meeting the standards required by Ugandan and East African authorities. We have technical personnel who is able to share the related knowledge with local technicians and continue improving and generating opportunities for the local labor market.

Once the corresponding license has been granted, the company will start the import process of complete machines in a first phase. Later on we will import the necessary parts, adding components that we purchase in the local market (Uganda), and make sure that the machines will be assembled in Uganda, meeting the same quality standards as requested by Novomatic rules for international markets.

In addition to developing an assembly plant and an administrative office, we will make sure that 95% of our staff will be local people from Uganda.

Our goal is to provide gambling equipment and maintenance services to all operators who have a valid license issued by the Uganda Lottery Board to operate related equipment.

Our staff receive continuous training and the local market will be provided with skilled labor. That will generate additional socio-economic benefits that NOVOGAMES has already been achieving by continuing its growth strategy. We have also indirectly employed and cooperated with outstanding skilled professionals, mainly accountants and technicians, enlarging their skill set by understanding our business requirements.